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Friday June 14th 2024


Thoughts on the World Series So Far

I may hate both teams involved, the World Series this year has provided some very good baseball thus far. The reality is, these teams both legitimately deserve to be there this year.

Some thoughts on the matchup so far:

A split had to be something the Phillies were hoping for coming out of New York. Obviously, 2-0 would be better for them, but with the series tied and heading to Philly, there's a slight edge there. What the hell is wrong with Derek Jeter? The play where he bunted for a strikeout with two on and no outs, and the Yankees up two...why? Something is all wrong here, and depending on where the call came from, either manager Joe Girardi or Jeter need an explanation for that one. Despite my hatred of both teams, I've found a way to ...

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