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Tuesday December 1st 2020


They Booed Mickey Mantle, Then They Booed Roger Maris: Now They Love Them

York Yankees' fans were led to believe that Mickey Mantle would become almost as great or even greater, if that were possible, than Babe Ruth.

Someday there may be be a player as good as or better than Ruth, but it is silly to believe that Mantle, Willie Mays or even Hank Aaron approached Ruth.

Mickey Mantle became a legend before he became a legend. Today, he is a mythic figure who was flawed by injuries, alcohol and a family history of early death.

The media are fickle and when the inexperienced, unsophisticated Mantle stopped talking to many members of the press, he was severely criticized. Mantle explained:

''I got into trouble with the press early, because I was scared,'' says Mantle. ''I was young when I came to New ...

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