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Sunday April 14th 2024


The Story of Joba Chamberlain Gets More And More Frustration

it or not, Yankee fans can be frustrated too. Hard to believe, considering they have won 27 championships and are in the playoff race year in and year out. But occasionally, Yankee fans find something to complain about, something to criticize. And once you get Yankee fans going, there is no stopping them.

This year, the source of the frustration has been Joba Chamberlain. When he came up from the minors, he grasped the attention of Yankee fans. In his first year, he pitched 19 games and gave up just one run, an earned run average of 0.38.

It was then that Yankee fans started to dream: maybe he could be the next Mariano Rivera; maybe we don’t have to worry about the day our beloved closer calls it quits.

But Joe Girardi had ...

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