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Sunday June 23rd 2024


The Real Truth: Roger Clemens Not Guilty?

Rivera appeared on the O'Reilly Show yesterday comparing Roger Clemens attorney with the attorney for Mark McGwire. Geraldo's position was that Rusty Hardin, Clemens' attorney, should be disbarred for allowing his client to testify. He said that Hardin is responsible for Clemens' federal indictment yesterday for allegedly lying to Congress.

Geraldo's position, like so many others including that of Major League Baseball, is that Clemens lied because he used steroids while winning some or all of his record-breaking seven Cy Young Awards as one of baseball's two best pitchers.

The period in question was when his trainer Brian McNamee alleged he was injecting Clemens with steroids between 1998 and 2001, when Clemens won two of his seven Cy Young ...

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