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Saturday July 20th 2024


The Problem is Not Javier Vazquez, It’s Your Expectations

style="text-align: justify;">  I’ll admit it, Javier Vazquez is not pitching well. Obviously that is not a huge revelation, but this 0-2 start is not what I expected. Still, a lot of Yankee fans are turning on him and some never forgave him for the grand slam he gave up to Johnny Damon in 2004 and it’s already tired.

Obviously his first start was bad as he came away with a 12.71 ERA and while his second start was better he still only managed to lower his ERA to 9.82. He still hasn’t managed to throw a single quality start. So I don’t expect everyone to be all happy and excited to see him, but it seems like some fans think he doesn’t have the ability to turn it around and others almost seem ...

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