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Friday June 14th 2024


The New York Yankees Have Ruined Joba Chamberlain

what you want about George Steinbrenner and his management style, but I guarantee that the Joba Chamberlain debacle would not have happened under his watch.

The word came down today that Phil Hughes has won the fifth starter spot over Joba. It's the right decision–I'm not arguing that. The problem is that the Yankees have spent the last three years messing with Joba's head and because of it, he may very well end up needing a one-way ticket out of the Bronx to get his career back on track.

Chamberlain had amazing stuff in 2007. He was a bonafide phenom, much the same way that K-Rod was in 2002 with the Angels. Hitters were baffled, the fan base was re-energized and Joba was an instant celebrity.

Whereas the Angels found a clear-cut ...

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