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Tuesday August 16th 2022


The Joba Chamberlain Dilemma: Relievers Who Deserve Another Chance to Start

lot of young players blast through the minors and gets inserted to the starting rotation, struggle, gets demoted to the pen and find a home there. They never get another chance to start while old retreads like Kip Wells, Jeff Suppan, and Sidney Ponson keep posting pedestrian numbers as starters. Joba Chamberlain is the most prominent example since he plays for New York, but the fact is that there are examples of such for almost every single team. Johan Santana actually started in the bullpen before becoming a full-time starter. CJ Wilson and Brandon Morrow are recent success stories. A counter example is Braden Looper, who made the transition from valuable bullpen guy to crappy starter who can't find a job and everybody forgot his bullpen work. Who deserve another chance ...

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