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Tuesday June 25th 2024


The Enigma That Is Alex Rodriguez

.320 batting average, three home runs, five doubles, eight runs batted in, and two stolen bases in 11 games.

Do those numbers look good? They should.

To make it easier, those numbers would project to be 44 home runs, 73 doubles, 118 runs batted in, and 29 stolen bases in 162 games.

Those numbers belonged to Alex Rodriguez during the 2004 post-season. The very same post-season in which the Red Sox pulled off arguably the greatest upset in baseball's long history; coming back to beat the New York Yankees in the ALCS after being down three games to zero.

And while it is very much up for debate, if Jorge Posada was able to catch Dave Roberts stealing second base in the ninth inning of Game Four, most people would be singing ...

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