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Thursday May 23rd 2024


The Eiland Commission: Getting to the Bottom of a Yankee Conspiracy

51 in Nevada. JFK in Dallas. And now...Dave Eiland in the Bronx.

The conspiracy theorists are out in full force this week following New York's surprise announcement that Eiland has been let go as pitching coach after a career in the organization.

Every good conspiracy theory is born out the idea that an authority figure is being less that forthcoming. This neatly segues into the "Those bastards are hiding something!" leap in logic.

Enter Yankee GM Brian Cashman, who refused to go into specifics about Eiland's departure, saying only that it was a "private" decision.

Here we go...

There is a section of Yankee Universe, let's call it a "generous swath," that is completely insane. The majority of the e-mails I receive as a result of writing ...

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