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Saturday July 20th 2024


The Drought Is Over: Hideki Matsui Fuels Yankees’ 27th Championship

the Philadelphia Phillies batting in the bottom of the fourth inning of Game Six of the World Series against the New York Yankees, Pedro Martinez sat alone in the Phillies dugout.

Then manager Charlie Manuel came over. The 65-year-old manager with a Southern drawl talked to the 38-year-old Dominican and future Hall of Famer. He said something amusing, and Martinez cracked a smile.

He tapped him on the chest, and another amusing remark made him laugh. He took a step away, motioned back, tapped him on the chest again, and kept his pitcher laughing. This happened two more times, a moment between a World Series-winning manager and former ace.

What made this moment so memorable was that Martinez struggled against the New York Yankees, ...

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