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Sunday November 28th 2021


The Derek Jeter Phenomenon: Why Non-New York Yankee Fans Seem To Hate Him

Jeter winning his fifth Gold Glove in recognition of his play at shortstop on Tuesday has caused quite the firestorm on both sides of the issue this week, with objective baseball fans lashing out at the notion that a bad defensive player would win a Gold Glove, and New York Yankees fans, predictably but understandably, fighting back in defense of their hero.

In response to some of my own smarmy comments on the subject, a commenter made the following astute comment (the proverbial "rare valid point"), and it stopped me in my tracks:

"It's also hard for me to believe that anyone can criticize Jeter."

The reason this comment stopped me dead in my tracks is that I realized that he had a point: I was, and am, criticizing a player who, ...

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