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Sunday July 21st 2024


The Best of the Best: Yankees Mount Rushmore

honor of the year Robinson Cano is having (.368 Batting Average, 13 Home Runs, 47 RBI), it got me thinking that if Cano keeps this pace up, where will it rank amongst the greatest Yankee seasons of all-time? We still got a long ways to go, and there's still a lot of baseball to be played, so I will re-address that question towards the end of the season. But for now, the important question that I was pondering about was related to Mount Rushmore. Don't worry - I am not giving a history lesson about the four presidents who's faces are on the mount, but rather, I found myself asking the question, if were carving a Yankees Mount Rushmore which four Yankee legends would get the nod? Would it be the Babe or the Mick? Lou Gehrig or Joe DiMaggio? Mariano Rivera or Don ...

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