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Sunday May 19th 2024


Team 107: The 1996 Tigers

1996 Record: 53-109 (2nd most losses in franchise history) Win %: .327 Win % Change: -90 from the year before Run Differential: -320 Pythagorean Record: 56-106 AL Finish: 14th of 14 teams Manager: Buddy Bell Best Transaction: This one is arguably Randy Smith’s best move as GM of the Tigers, he sent pitcher Greg Gohr to the Angels for Damion Easley. Gohr was a bust with the Tigers and the Angels thought they could get him on track. Prior to coming to Detroit, Easley was a light-hitting 2B. Gohr kep up his poor performance, but Easley blossomed into an All-Star. If you ignore the huge contract the Tigers would later give Easley, this is just an amazing steal for the Tigers. Worst Transaction: Randy Smith was notorious for his awful drafts.  The 1996 draft was plain ...

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