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Sunday May 19th 2024


Surprisingly, an Expected Surge by Derek Jeter in the Second Half

this season, I will be the first to admit my worries for the fate of shortstop Derek Jeter were elevated.  For one, he is my second-favorite athlete in history behind Tiger Woods, so the idea of a preemptive failure was a bit troubling to bear.  But more realistically, it looked like his skills were diminishing without return.  

Before heading to the disabled list, Jeter's performance was lacking, mostly at the plate as he carried a .260 average.  His injury ensued, followed by a long two-plus week absence, replaced by Eduardo Nunez.  

The young infielder did very well, so well in fact that Jeter acknowledged him in regards to Wally Pipp.  Pipp, a first baseman for the Yankees in the 1920's, sat out one day not ...

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