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Friday June 14th 2024


Start Spreading the News: The VFA Week Seven Awards

it's been an emotionally exhausting Week Seven for the VFA. When we weren't catching breath from swearing at the refs after their performance in the Arkansas vs Florida game, we were jumping up and down, and nearly in tears after the Yankees' 13th inning ALCS win over the Angels.

Come on guys? You didn't just watch college football did you?

"What A Game" Award for keeping us breathless for 60 minutes

1. Florida 23, Arkansas 20. Both sides got out of jail in this one. Florida turned the ball over a lot in the red-zone, and Arkansas couldn't convert more of their chances. Oh, and the SEC officials got in the way, too.

2. Arizona State 24, Washington 17. Arizona State's Danny Sullivan throws a 50-yard TD pass with five seconds ...

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