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Sunday June 16th 2024


Spring Training Stats Don’t Matter: Example B, Jon Weber

style="text-align: justify;">When it comes to spring training and statistics I am a non-believer. I am obsessed with watching the games, but it is more to get a feel for the players involved and it hardly ever matters to me who won, who lost, or if the players do really well or really poorly. Sure, part of me cringes a little bit if someone has a horrible day, but in the end I realize it is spring and this doesn’t really count (this lead was stolen from example A ).

It seems that when it comes to 32-year-old outfielder Jon Weber and his .588 spring training batting average people have forgotten the uselessness of spring stats. Our former writer Lenny Neslin seems to have fallen in love with Weber, It Is High is wishing ...

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