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Sunday April 14th 2024


Source: New York Yankees Coach Dave Eiland Was in Rehab

Larry Barnes | Yankees 'n More
and The New York Yankees Daily-Press

New York Yankees pitching coach Dave Eiland has been gone from the team since the first week of June. Beyond saying that it's not a health issue, the organization refuses to say why.

Tonight, we might finally have an answer as a source informs Yankees 'n More that Dave Eiland has been in rehab.

If the source we heard from tonight were the first person from which we've heard this, we would not be running this story. But that's not the case. Almost from the day he left, we've heard multiple whispers from multiple sources, some more reliable than others, that Eiland is indeed in rehab.

Were this a newspaper, there is basically no chance this story would (or ...

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