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Monday May 20th 2024


Small Ball Comes to the Bronx: The New York Yankees and Winning the Old Way

in the baseball season, there was a lot of talk that the Yankees were "too dependent on the home run." That they couldn't play small ball and manufacture runs. That they were going to start losing once the home runs stopped coming.

Well, the home runs have (relatively speaking) dried up. And amazingly, the Yankees have proven that they can play small ball. And do it well.

New York's home run totals have dropped each month of the season from 43 to 39 to 34 to 19 thus far in July. Meanwhile, the Yankees have done an excellent job doing the little things they were supposedly incapable of doing.

The Yankees have stolen a staggering 27 of 30 bases this month, fueled mostly by Brett Gardner, who seems to have put his early season struggles behind ...

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