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Sunday June 16th 2024


Singing Along with the New York Yankees’ Playoff Santa

happened on Friday night, in the middle of another in a series of epic beatdowns that seem to be taking place in the new Yankee Stadium since the second half began.

For the first time since the Yankees clinched a playoff berth in Anaheim on Tuesday, the seventh inning stretch did not feature the grainy, campy 1900s stylings of Kate Smith doing "God Bless America."

I was already smiling wide.  Our magic number to clinch the division was down to five, and soon to be three.  The Yankees were up 9-3 and had beat the living hell out of the man the baseball world is calling the Red Sox' number-one starter.  Joba Chamberlain had done a yeoman's job against the second-toughest opposing lineup the American League could throw at him and quieted his doubters ...

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