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Saturday July 20th 2024


Should The Yankees Consider Trading Joba Chamberlain?

had many talks, debates and discussions on Joba Chamberlain.

Should he be a starter? Should he be a reliever? Is he good enough to be the heir to Mariano Rivera?

Right now, he could be pitching his way right out of New York all together.

Currently, Joba is the Yankees setup man to Mariano Rivera. We've seen two sides of Joba pitching in 2010.

The first side is the dominant side, who strikes out the side and looks unhittable. Then there is the other side, the ugly side.

The side that reared its ugly head on Saturday and has reared quite a few times during the season.

Entering the seventh inning, Joba took over the game with a 10-8 lead, pitched only .1 of an inning and proceeded to allow four runs ...

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