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Monday April 15th 2024


Russell Martin Blames Distractions, Poor Training as Reasons for Off Years

Shi Davidi of the Canadian Press:

"'Probably some frustrations, probably not training as hard as I should have in some ways,' [Russell Martin] said in explaining his 2009 and '10 seasons. 'That’s always been my strength, is training my butt off, doing all those things in the best way possible. And I think I had some distractions that maybe led me not to have that same drive that I’ve had in the past. Really, that’s all it is, I trained hard, but before nobody trained as hard as I did.

"'This year I feel like I’m back. Just mentally, I feel better.'

"Asked about the distractions, he said, 'there are some things that you keep for yourself, and those distractions are personal.'"


Martin, ...

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