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Sunday June 16th 2024


Robinson Cano vs. Dustin Pedroia Creates a New Debate for Red Sox, Yankees Fans

you were a fan of the Yankees or Red Sox in the mid to late 90's, you no doubt took a side in the Nomar Garciaparra/Derek Jeter debate.

Jeter and Garciaparra were two of the new breed of shortstop. Shortstops were no longer defensive specialists and merely adequate with the bat—Jeter and Garciaparra were two of the premier hitters in baseball.

Both won Rookie of the Year awards, Jeter in 1996 and Garciaparra one year later.

From a pure hitting standpoint, Garciaparra was better, at least in his peak. His power numbers and average were much higher. In his first four years in the majors, through 2000, Nomar had a .963 OPS, averaged 28 home runs and won two batting titles, compared to Jeter's .865 OPS and 16 HRs in that same span.

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