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Friday November 27th 2020


Reports of New York Yankees’ Demise Have so Far Been Greatly Exaggerated

into the season, there were so many predictions of doom and gloom for the New York Yankees. Some of them were warranted, given all the injuries and age on the squad and a disastrous offseason. Some, however, were just ridiculous, completely ignoring the strengths the Bronx Bombers still had.

They were ready to explode after a 1-4 start in which they looked completely anemic in every way. But after a 13-5 stretch since, they're starting to calm a bit.

That's right, your New York Yankees are 14-9—only 2.5 games behind the also-surprising Red Sox for the AL East lead. How has it happened? 

Quite simple: pitching, pitching and more pitching. The Yankees staff has a 3.87 ERA. Not elite, but good enough to keep them in ballgames. ...

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