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Sunday April 14th 2024


Reliving Derek Jeter’s 10 Most Immortalized Yankee Stadium Moments

almost two decades, Derek Jeter has been a fixture in the Bronx. He's the face of the most well-known sports franchise in the world; the face of baseball.

It seems like it was only a few weeks ago that Jeter took to Facebook to announce that the 2014 season would be his last. Now, there's only a few weeks left in his iconic career. Time flies when you're having fun, and Jeter has provided more joy for more people than he, or any of us, can ever possibly comprehend.

He's done it his way—with class, dignity and respect. Respect for the game, for those who came before him, for his opponents and for the fans.

From "Captain Clutch" to "Mr. November," Jeter's career is filled with memorable moments, many of them taking place ...

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