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Sunday June 20th 2021


Red Sox-Yankees: The Internet, NESN and What Being a Homer Means to You

of Generation Y—loosely defined as the segment of the population who saw Jenny McCarthy's botox-ravaged face on New Year's Eve and wondered where the last 15 years went—I've become quite Internet savvy.

That means I can filter out much of what doesn't interest me and gravitate toward content that sits on my Mount Rushmore of Internet usage: Fantasy sports/real sports/attractive women/Wikipedia. There's nothing I need on a computer screen that doesn't fit one of those four categories.

But the system isn't perfect. Every so often, information manages to slip in through the grid. That's what happened this morning when I happened upon on an article by NESN.com senior editor Eric Ortiz titled: "2011 Red Sox Will Challenge 1927 Yankees for Title ...

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