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Sunday July 21st 2024


Ranking Derek Jeter’s 2014 Farewell Tour Gifts from Worst to First

possible this Derek Jeter retirement tour got a little out of hand somewhere between a kayak, an all-expenses-paid trip to something called the "Castle of the Rockies" and a salute from astronauts in space.

To paraphrase Robin Ventura, Jeter wasn't given six months to live prior to the season, so the gifts upon gifts can understandably appear gratuitous. But the New York Yankees captain deserves it all. Let's not get it twisted. 

And since we don't believe in re-gifting or de-gifting here—Jeter's (garage is) keeping each and every one of them—we decided to power rank them by team from worst to first. 

So how do all the gift-givers and their gifts stack up?

To make some sense of the rankings ...

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