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Tuesday May 28th 2024


Ranking Derek Jeter and the 12 Other New York Yankees Captains

New York Yankees have had 13 captains in their history.  One captaincy lasted for five days, two were captains at the same time and two captaincies were cut short due to tragedy.  Most held the title for no longer than three seasons.

Being named the New York Yankees Captain is considered among the highest honors you can receive.  It doesn't come with a salary bonus or automatic entry to the Hall of Fame.  All it means is you exemplify everything that the New York Yankees franchise stands for.  Some notable Yankees were never named captain (mainly because the honor sat vacant following the death of Lou Gehrig, until George Steinbrenner took over the team); players like Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle or Yogi Berra fall into this category.

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