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Saturday May 25th 2024


Prince Fielder: If the New York Yankees Sign Him, It Would Be Overkill

incredible to see that it's become a common thought that the New York Yankees should pursue Prince Fielder. Yankees Universe is downright giddy at the prospect of having the lefty slugger playing for their team in 2012. Being a Yankee fan, I am forced to admit that signing Fielder would be complete overkill.

We all know the Yankees ridiculous payroll numbers and the fact that they're not afraid to use it. That being said, where do you draw the line between rational and excessive?

The Yankees first focus should be on pitching and pitching only. They need to add another starter and can't shoot themselves in the foot by spending all their money on more offense.

If the Yankees were to add Fielder, they would be bringing in a guy who could ...

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