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Wednesday July 24th 2024


Phillies-Yankees Game 5 Notes

> And we're back, because this has gone so well the last two times I've tried this. Stout heart! Firm belief! Cliff Lee! I might also still be drunk.

> In that all important portion of the game where I'm not really watching due to being a less than totally worthless Dad, the Phils took a big early lead on the continued relentless awesomeness of Chase Utley. Has there ever been an MVP from a team that lost in five games? Chase could be the first. From looking at the play by play track, the continuing troubles of vast portions of the Yankee lineup—really, it's been more timely hitting and fortunate bloops than blasts—kept them taking a big early lead.

> In the fifth inning, the Yankees used Eric Hinske as a pinch hitter, who Philly fans remember ...

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