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Thursday June 13th 2024


Old Guard, New Test: New York Yankees Rely On Vets

2009 postseason will forever provide fond memories for Yankees fans—a month of baseball that signaled the franchise's return to the apex of the sport.

But being a Sports Pessimist (the New York Jets did this to me), I still had a couple of minor gripes. One was Chris Rose, the Best Damn Sports Show hack who was inexplicably given on-field emcee duties following New York's Game Six clincher.

What do you think was the over/under for the number of Yankee games Rose watched last year? Eight? Four? One?

I understand Joe Buck and Tim McCarver were busy projectile vomiting at the thought of a Yankees championship, but FOX didn't have anyone else available? Jack Bauer? Ryan Seacrest? A former Mad TV cast member? I'm not asking for much ...

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