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Monday July 22nd 2024


NY Yankees: Why Pettitte Has Already Earned Start in Possible 1-Game Playoff

The New York Yankees surely hoped Andy Pettitte would return to become a key part of their starting rotation once he recovered from a broken leg. 

But even the Yanks—and perhaps Pettitte himself—have to be surprised by the results of his first two starts since being activated from the disabled list. Pettitte hasn't allowed a run over 11 innings, giving up 11 hits and three walks while striking out six batters.

Yes, Pettitte faced the Toronto Blue Jays and Minnesota Twins in those two appearances, both last place teams (or near last, in the Twins' case) in their respective divisions. However, the Blue Jays and Twins are each in the middle third of the MLB in runs scored. It's not like Pettitte faced the Seattle ...

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