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Wednesday May 22nd 2024


NY Yankees: Why Getting Advice from LeBron James Adds Insult to Injury

the New York Yankees lost to the Detroit Tigers last night, LeBron James offered some advice on losing.

That's not a good thing.

The much-maligned James had an inspirational tweet for his favorite baseball team:

"U win some, u lose some, but u live, u live to fight another day. #yankees"

Now, I'm not going to address James' refusal to spell 'you' correctly (after all, it is a tweet), his use of three commas in a tweet (general rule: if you have more than two commas in a tweet, you should probably take the time to spell words correctly) or his reference to a mid-90s movie.

I'm going to address the fact that the Yankees don't care how James inspires himself. They simply want to win.

If you are one of the ...

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