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Tuesday June 25th 2024


NY Yankee’s Whitey Ford Had No Choice: He Persevered

the New York Yankees opened spring training in 1967, they had many question marks, not the least of which was the status of 38-year-old Whitey Ford.

The greatest pitcher in Yankees' history was a free agent, but only because he didn't want to occupy a spot on the roster until he discovered if he could still pitch.

Physical Problems

In Oct. 1964, Ford had surgery to alleviate a circulatory problem that resulted in a numbness in his left hand. A bizarre aspect was that he perspired only his right side. As usual, Whitey took it in stride.

"I'm the only ball player who can get 10 days out of a five-day deodorant pad."

A Short-lived Comeback

Whitey had a decent 1965 ...

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