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Thursday May 23rd 2024


Ney York Yankees: Heyman’s Take on Derek Jeter Negotiations

style="text-align: justify;">Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated is a lot of things, but this is a great take on the upcoming contract negotiations with Derek Jeter.

Take a read:

Derek Jeter will be back as a Yankee next season, and for more seasons after that. Of course he will. Doesn’t matter whether he’s hitting .264 today. Or .364. Or .164.

Jeter will be back with the Yankees because they want him back, he surely wants to be back and no other team will likely compete with the Yankees financially for him. Oh, there’ll be interest in him as a free agent, all right. And while some teams may want to make a big splash with a monster Hall-of-Fame name, everyone assumes (and rightly ...

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