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Wednesday May 29th 2024


New York Yanks in ’09: Not Cheap, But Empty Pleasure

do have a thing for red heads. And there’s something about blondes that can start wars.

But sexually, the experts say, humans are most attracted to those with similar physical features to their own, especially hair color. The theory holds true for me, I guess, as a dark brown haired individual; my eyes are definitely habitués of the brunette mold. I’ll even go as far as I proclaiming Jennifer Love Hewitt as the most beautiful woman on earth.

I once turned on a large HDTV, and Ms. Hewitt’s show, “The Ghost Whisperer” was on. It wasn’t until about ten minutes later, or until the next commercial break, that I realized that the sound wasn’t even on. Her natural beauty mesmerized me.

On the surface, Ms. Hewitt appears to be free ...

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