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Tuesday August 16th 2022


New York Yankees: Why the ALCS Series Loss Is the End of an Era

Rangers beat the Yankees four games to two in the 2010 ALCS, and with the loss, the great New York Yankees season is over.  Many players are gong to free agency, and the managerial spot for the Yankees is very much so up in the air. 

Let's start with Derek Jeter.  The Yankee captain is one of the most likely to sign back with New York, besides maybe Mariano Rivera.  Although, after coming off his worst season ever, no one knows how long the Bombers will re-sign Jeter to. He is on pace to get his 3,000th hit next year, and you can't see him doing that with another team, can you?

On to Mariano Rivera, a surefire Hall-of-Famer.  Rivera has broken pretty much every relief pitching record aside from most career saves, for which ...

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