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Wednesday July 24th 2024


New York Yankees: Why Derek Jeter As the Captain Is Priceless

sports media has been talking about this for about three seasons, and that time has finally arrived.

New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter has come to the end of a 10-year contract, making him a free agent the moment the World Series ended.

The Jeter from 2009 seemed to be a ghost in the 2010 season. Glimpses would come and go on occasion, but no one is denying that Jeter had a paltry season. Whatever the reason Jeter can still play very well, and the reason behind the Captain's never-ending slump are pointless to get back into.

Jeter has always been hyper-criticized by the media and non-Yankee fans for being just average, so his latest numbers just give more ammo to this idiotic banter.

If anything the recent Jeter headlines ...

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