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Sunday April 14th 2024


New York Yankees: Who Will Form the Next “Core Four?”

the retirement of Andy Pettitte, the New York Yankees' fabled "Core Four" is now a "Core Three," which isn't nearly as catchy.

The Yankees locked up shortstop Derek Jeter for another four years and closer Mariano Rivera for another two, but Jorge Posada, who will serve as the team's primary DH this season as the Yankees move him away from full-time catching duties, is likely entering his final season with the team.

By this time next year, the Yankees could be down to a "Core Two" of Rivera and Jeter.

Yesterday, someone asked me who I thought the next "Core Four" would be. That's a tricky question, the reason being that the "Core" is called such because that group was together for almost their entire careers and during that time won ...

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