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Saturday September 26th 2020


New York Yankees: Who Should Start Game 1?


It just feels right that the New York Yankees are going to have another eventful October. The first question they'll have to answer is who will pitch Game 1 of the playoffs, whether that be in the one-game wild-card playoff or in the divisional series.

There are a lot factors to consider. The Yankees can't have someone who pitched a day or two before. They also don't want someone who's having a rough season.

Usually, it's the team's ace who goes in Game 1. However, some would argue that the Yankees didn't really have an ace this season. CC Sabathia, the presumed leader of the staff, has struggled at times, and Hiroki Kuroda may have had one of the strongest seasons on the staff, but he isn't exactly ace material.

Here's ...

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