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Wednesday July 24th 2024


New York Yankees vs. Tampa Bay Rays Series Preview

off taking the opening series against the Red Sox, the Yankees (2-1) will face the Tampa Bay Rays (2-1) in the Bronx Bombers' home opener.

Besides being the ring ceremony for last year’s champs, the main storyline of this game is the return of Javier Vazquez.

Many fans remember his terrible second half in 2004 and thought he simply was not meant to play in New York. When the Yankees traded for him in the offseason, many fans did not like the trade because they did not believe that he had the mystical power of “being able to play in New York.”

Well tonight, fans should be able to get a sense of whether 2010 Javier Vazquez will repeat his disappointing 2004 New York campaign, or if he will be his usual 200 innings ...

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