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Wednesday July 24th 2024


New York Yankees Trade Rumors: Last-Minute Buzz Ahead of the Deadline

class="ui-droppable">The 2014 MLB trade deadline has arrived, and the New York Yankees have deemed themselves to be buyers in the market.

Their position in the standings, five-and-a-half games out of first place in the AL East and three games out of the second wild-card spot, coincides with that premise despite others believing the opposite.

Wallace Matthews of ESPN.com is asking the bold question of whether or not the Yankees should actually be sellers.

The truth of the matter is, I am not sure how far back the Yankees would have to be to even consider selling in Derek Jeter's final season.

Jeter entered his career as a winner and there is little doubt he wants to go out fighting to win again. With that in mind, general ...

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