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Monday July 22nd 2024


New York Yankees: Top Five Replacements for the Great Mariano Rivera

replacement might be a tough word, because no one is going to ever replace the supreme production supplied by Mariano Rivera. Replacing someone was as great as Rivera in their own line of work is the ultimate no-win situation. It rarely works out the same way, and no one usually remembers the replacements. Quick: Who replaced Lou Gehrig at first base? Who replaced John Wooden at UCLA? Mariano is the greatest closer of all time. Not the greatest relief pitcher (that would be Rollie Fingers because of his multiple inning durability), but Mo is the one pitcher you want on the mound for three ninth inning outs holding a one run lead. Finding a new closer is going to be a difficult challenge as no one knows how long Rivera will continue to want to pitch. At age ...

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