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Sunday June 23rd 2024


New York Yankees’ Title Hopes Ride on Return of Andy Pettitte

back, it's astounding to think that the Yankees ever let Andy Pettitte get away.

He's only been the guts of every championship rotation the franchise has assembled in the past 15 years, after all. Not to besmirch the dead, but Pettitte's regrettable sabbatical in Houston fell directly on The Boss, who never did fully appreciate what the lefty meant to the Yankees.

And he's meant a lot. His 240 wins (203 of which came in pinstripes) don't begin to explain how vital he has been to the franchise.

The conventional wisdom is that Boston Red Sox right-hander Josh Beckett is the best big-game pitcher of his generation, but the case could certainly be made for Pettitte. Look no further than last season, when Pettitte, then 37, won the clinching game ...

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