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Saturday May 25th 2024


New York Yankees: Time To Sit Jorge Posada and Promote Jesus Montero

is Jorge Posada’s last year in a Yankee uniform as a player—there's no doubt of that.

Someday he might make a nice coach, tutoring young catchers and using his stubborn fiery personality to put rookies through their paces.

But as an everyday starter, he’s done.

Here in the beginning of May, Posada is batting .150. He has a minuscule .244 OBP and a 74 OPS+. And despite words from Girardi to the contrary, Posada is not looking better at the plate. Yes, he did hit two meatballs from Justin Verlander, but once Verlander left the game, Posada struck out twice—once with men on second and third, the other time with runners on first and third.

Right now the Yankees are in first and can cover Posada because the ...

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