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Monday May 20th 2024


New York Yankees: Time To Send a Teix Message?

Mark Teixeira struck out for the fifth time against the Blue Jays on Saturday, it did more than just match the worst individual performance of his career.

It also marked the exact moment the Yankees first baseman finally hit rock bottom.

It had been a long, strange trip to get there, prolonged slumps followed by promising breakouts followed by prolonged slumps. Teixeira's confidence eroded with each strikeout at Rogers Centre, his approach growing more tentative with each failure.

By the time he faced the immortal Casey Janssen in the 13th inning of a 2-2 game, the look in Teixeira's eyes betrayed the front he was trying to put up.

He was lost.

The two-time All-Star got ahead in the count 3-0 and still struck ...

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