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Sunday June 23rd 2024


New York Yankees: The Mariano Rivera Trade That Nearly Halted a Dynasty

was the spring on 1996, and the New York Yankees had just had their hearts broken in the 1995 ALDS at the hands of the Seattle Mariners.

This article will tell a tale of how those same Mariners nearly broke the Yankees hearts in a much more profound and crippling way.

While preparing for the season, they got word of some bad news regarding infielder Tony Fernandez—who broke his elbow while filling in at second base for the already injured Pat Kelly.

This left New York with no other choice but to run with an unproven yet highly-touted rookie shortstop named Derek Jeter. Though they loved Jeter as a prospect, they were understandably apprehensive about throwing him into the fire without a safety net.

As a result, the ...

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