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Wednesday May 22nd 2024


New York Yankees: The Lowest Point in Mickey Mantle’s Career

was the lowest point of Mickey Mantle's career.

Mantle and his good friend, Tom Molito, were in the Yankee Stadium locker room prior to the shooting of the classic video, The 500 Home Run Club. Mickey was feeling great, especially since sportscaster Bob Costas, whom Mantle trusted implicitly, would be hosting the video.

The conversation turned to some of Mantle's most satisfying home runs. The two of them thought for a second or two, and Tom knew immediately that he had made a bad move the instant he blurted out,

"How about the two home runs you hit off Walker and Wilhelm to beat the Baltimore Orioles, 4-3 in 1960? I was at that game."

Tom realized that there was too much baggage that went along with those two home runs that Mantle ...

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