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Wednesday May 22nd 2024


New York Yankees Still Look Impressive in Tough Loss vs. Baltimore Orioles

close loss is always more tough than a blowout. I know that being beaten 13-0 is demoralizing, sure, but a player can always say that the team was having an off night and that no one can win 182 games. But there is something about an extra-innings loss by one run that really sticks with a player; something that lets them know that they could have done this better or not done that.

That is precisely what happened with the Yankees tonight in the Bronx. They came so close and yet they couldn't manage to finish it off. Obviously they had a good reason—they were EXHAUSTED! The previous game had ended less than 11 hours before hand and the Yanks were already back at it.

However, this argument barely holds up because their opponents were working ...

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