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Wednesday May 29th 2024


New York Yankees Send Phil Hughes To Finish Off Toronto Blue Jays

losing the first game, the New York Yankees demolished the Blue Jays at home in Toronto on Tuesday night.

Marcus Thames, Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, Curtis Granderson, and Mark Teixeira all homered in the affair.

Wednesday night’s game determines the series; both teams want to win but are on very different paths.

The Blue Jays have a chip on their shoulder. My guess is because Toronto resides in the AL East, which diminishes any hopes at a playoff berth.

This season the Blue Jays are legitimate. Proof is in their record, which is 16-4 over their last 20 games vs. the AL East teams. It must be frustrating.

So, making it harder, for the teams like the Yankees must be a distant second.

The Yankees ...

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