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Saturday May 25th 2024


New York Yankees Scored the Most Runs in a Season, but Were Losers in 1931

1931 New York Yankees scored 1,067 runs, which is the most runs ever scored by a major league team in a season.

They led the league in batting average (.297), home runs (155), on base average (.380), slugging average (.457), and stolen bases (138).

Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig tied for the home run championship with 46 each. Gehrig set the all-time American League record RBI record with 184.

There was only one problem. The Philadelphia A's won the pennant by 13 and one-half games over the 94-59 Yankees.

The Yankees Won 14 Games by at Least 10 Runs

The Yankees had a run differential of 1,067 runs scored to 760 runs allowed, for a Pythagorean W-L of 100-53.

The 107-45 Athletics scored 858 runs and allowed ...

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